About Ian's Biltong


Ian is the culinary wizard behind our delicious product. Formally South African, Ian started the process of perfecting his biltong in the garage of his family home as he was unable to find the taste, flavours and quality of Biltong that he was accustomed to.

A corporate career spanning over 40 years in the meat industry and an obsession for food and cooking, Ian meticulously sources the finest cuts of beef, highest quality herbs and spices, resulting in Ian's Biltong and Dry Wors. Ian's Biltong begins its life as a prime cut of beef. Hand crafted, enriched with natural herbs and spices then cured in a temperature controlled environment. A flavoursome, health conscious, lifestyle food! 

Ian's biltong is a local dried meat product dedicated to producing the finest biltong available anywhere in Australia. Originated in South Africa, the word biltong is from the dutch, 'Bil' meaning rump and 'tong' meaning strips. Similar to Beef Jerky in the drying process but differ in their typical ingredients.
Our recipe captures the much craved flavors from various continents, South Africa, USA and Asia where no sporting event is quite complete without a couple of beers and good supply of Biltong. Ian's product has a long shelf life, making it an ideal snack while trekking/traveling, also providing sustenance. A healthy alternative, low in carbohydrates, fat and high in protein. With no preservatives, it's a great lunch box treat. 




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